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A web-based, data-driven prediction tool

Personal GDM for lifestyle intervention

This evidence-based tool is designed to be used by pregnant women and their health-care providers. This tool is a guide only for the identification of potentially eligible women to be recruited into clinical trials for having a higher risk of GDM. The entered information categorises women into one of two groups: higher risk of GDM, and low risk of GDM.


This tool is as a decision support tool designed to be used by pregnant women and their health care providers. It should not replace clinical judgement.

Maternal AgeYears

The valid age range is 12 to 60 years

HeightCentimeters (cm)

The valid height range is 120 to 250 cm


The valid weight range is 20 to 300 kg


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Family History of Diabetes

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Past history of gestational diabetes

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Poor obstetric outcome

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Inputs Filled

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Body Mass Index (BMI)



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Personal GDM

A web-based, data-driven prediction tool

Disclaimer: MCHRI provides information, models, calculators, equations and algorithms (tools) intended for use by healthcare professionals. These tools do not give professional advice; physicians and other healthcare professionals who use these tools should exercise their own clinical judgment as to the information they provide. Read More

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